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Education and Innovation for the youth marginalized by violence in the most fragile contexts

Our Mission

Access works to give innovative education to the youth impacted by violence in the most vulnerable contexts. Our headquarters, located on the outskirts of São Paulo, is a haven where we host projects that teach Technology, Math and English. By bridging the social gaps and providing opportunities in the professional market, we tackle the pillars of violence prevention and peace building.

What We Do

Gang-led drug trafficking is common in Brazil's biggest cities, and understanding this culture of violence can be a challenge. A research-based and unbiased view of the problem is needed in order to find a solution. Access raises global awareness about the challenges faced by these under-served and violent communities and helps raise funds for educational projects running in some of the most vulnerable favelas of the city. We collaborate with local organizations, focusing strongly on education and youth empowerment through. By providing a stronger support system, we aim to decrease violence and crime rates within these communities.

Our main focus for the next faze of the Access project is to implement quality education in  STEM - Science Technology Engineering and Math  - in the most vulnerable, hard to Access, regions.


Where is our pilot project:

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